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in farming made china equipment

Farming Equipment Made in China
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Biogas combustion power generation is a biogas utilization technology with the continuous development of large-scale biogas digester construction and comprehensive utilization of biogas. It uses the biogas produced by anaerobic fermentation treatment on the engine and equipped with comprehensive power generation device to generate electricity and heat energy. Biogas power generation is a widely distributed and inexpensive distributed energy with the characteristics of efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection.
Biogas power generation technology is a new technology of comprehensive utilization of energy, which integrates environmental protection and energy conservation. It uses a large number of organic wastes (such as distiller's grains, livestock manure, municipal garbage and sewage) from industrial, agricultural or urban life to generate biogas by anaerobic fermentation, which can drive biogas generating units to generate electricity, and make full use of the waste heat of generating units for biogas production. [1]
The thermal efficiency of biogas cogeneration projects differs greatly depending on the different power generation equipment. For example, the thermal efficiency of gas-fired internal combustion engines is between 70% and 75%, while for gas turbines and waste heat boilers, the thermal efficiency can reach more than 90% under the condition of supplementary combustion. Biogas power generation technology itself provides clean energy. It not only solves the environmental problems in biogas engineering, consumes a lot of waste, protects the environment, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also turns waste into treasure, generates a lot of heat and electricity, which is in line with the environmental protection concept of energy recycling, and brings huge benefits. Great economic benefits.Farming Equipment Made in China


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